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My Impostor Year

I thought getting a novel published would make me elated. Instead, it created crippling self-doubt.

The Loud-Mouthed Heretical Teenager Dropped From British History Books

Throne-usurping Lady Jane Grey is painted as either a saint or a sinner. The reality is much more fascinating.

Rosie Perez: I’m a Proud Puerto Rican-American and We Need Your Help

The actor and activist on her veteran father, Trump's pathetic response to Hurricane Maria, and how you can support the Island.

The Resistance Will Be Fueled by Pasta

Julia Turshen gives us an easy baked pasta that's perfect for hungry activists.

How I Found Sisterhood in an Industry With Few Women

Being a black female programmer can be lonely. Here's how I found mentors who became so much more.

The Dramatic Life and Shocking Death of Isadora Duncan

The mother of modern dance had her neck broken by a brilliant red scarf — and the scarf lives on.

How To Look After Your Face at the End of the World 

A beauty guide for the most rustic circumstances — a weeks-long motor home trip.

Women Are Supposed to Give Until They Die

I thought men needed alone time more than women did. Why?

I’m Tired of White Women As the Face of Career Development

So I started my own company to help women of color climb the ladder.

What the WWE Taught Me About Home

As an immigrant growing up in Oklahoma, I didn't believe in Superman or Santa Claus, but I believed in Shawn Michaels.

The Boarding House of My Dreams

Living like Jo March, 21st century style.

Rachel Comey Is the Designer Women Need Right Now

A profile of the authentic, feminist fashion star and her collaborative, inclusive process.

Following in a Sociopathic Parent’s Path 

Discovering how my father's romantic transgressions echoed his father's led me to take a hard look at my own life.

Bare-Breasted, Middle-Aged Woman

After decades as an actress, I filmed my first nude scene in my 50s.

*Out of Print: The Metaphysical Touch*, by Sylvia Brownrigg 

This prescient 1999 novel predicted the boom of Internet celebrity and the intimacy of online communities.

Don’t Let the Bastards Sell Your Genes

Congress is considering something called the Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act. Here's why it's terrifying and wrong.