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Casey Wilson is Angry

Hide your phones.

The Wait

On the interminable two weeks between a bad sonogram and the end of a pregnancy.

There’s No Such Thing As “Voting with Your Vagina”

Whether you're supporting Clinton or not, her candidacy is important.

Speaking Lessons

A writer finds her voice in an unlikely place.

I Can’t Have Enough Mothers

Gillian Jacobs on the "bonus moms" she has collected over the years.

Krysta Rodriguez on Womanhood After Breast Cancer

The actress grapples with early menopause in the wake of a battle with breast cancer

How to Protect Your Immune System From the Dreaded “Flu Season”

The truth is you can get sick any time of year — here's how to take care of yourself during winter.

The Long-Lasting Lustrous Manicure Lifestyle

Is a pristine manicure better than a Vermeer? Our beauty columnist ponders the question.

How I Discovered That My Dad Is a Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist

One writer reflects on how she can have a relationship with her father after learning he believes in Pizzagate.

Mexico’s “Radical Women”

Mónica Mayer, a pioneer of Mexico's feminist art movement, on the 40 years she's spent making art about women's experiences from motherhood to life under the patriarchy.

The Unspoken History Behind a Surname

When you're a black American, the legacy of slavery lingers everywhere.

When Gabourey Sidibe Got Dissed By a Saleswoman

The actress is almost turned away at Chanel, until the saleswoman figures out Gabby is famous.

Dorothy Allison, the Outlaw in the Ivory Tower

The novelist and memoirist talks about growing up poor, her '70s lesbian feminist collective, and meeting her obligations.

How to Make Astrology Your Day Job

The cult-favorite horoscope scribe Chani Nicholas on using astrology as a tool for liberation and healing.

Trixie Garcia on the Healing Power of the Grateful Dead

How Jerry Garcia's daughter forged her own identity.

John Waters: I Love Women Who Hate Men and Hate Men Who Hate Women

The universally beloved director loves women, hates Mike Pence, and wants us all to be Valerie Solanas.

The True Story of the Nun Who Became an Attorney General

An interview with Arlene Violet, the crime-fighting nun of Rhode Island.

The Essential Black, Southern, Woman Writer Who You Need to Know

An interview with Zandria F. Robinson.

Why I’m Done Being Silent About Gender Expectations

*American Gods* star Yetide Badaki pushes back against a lifetime of conditioned expectations for girls.