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In the Running: Paulette Jordan

In a new series, we interview female candidates who are winning historic primary elections across the nation. For our first, Idaho’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate discusses her political race in her own words.

The Power of a Fall Sweater

I’ve always thought it was embarrassing to imagine one’s life like a movie, but fall clothing has that effect.

Read an Excerpt from *My Sister, The Serial Killer*

Ayoola's third boyfriend in a row is dead.

Is Honesty Always the Best Policy with Friends?

A psychotherapist on the complicated nature of truth-telling among friends.

Read an Excerpt from *One Person, No Vote*

The serious effects of voter suppression on the United States' democratic process.

Tirzah Will Heal Your Heart With Her Tender Love Tunes

The musician talks her new album *Devotion*.

Read an Excerpt from *The Tiger Flu*

A queer sci-fi novel by Larissa Lai.

Read an Excerpt from *This Stops Today*

The mother of Eric Garner on her search for justice after losing her son.

Play Like a Girl

Two all-girls baseball teams on what it takes to play a sport that has systematically and historically shut women out.

Read an Excerpt from *She Would Be King*

A magical realism retelling of Liberia's founding.

Trading Places

What trading romantic partners with my ex taught me about true connections — in both friendship and love.

Looking on the Bright Side With Chippy Nonstop

The rapper and producer's career after being deported from the US in 2015.

Your Second Wife

An original short story from the author of *The Third Hotel.*

Ghost Festivals

An excerpt from May-lee Chai’s forthcoming collection, *Useful Phrases for Immigrants.*

Cold Cuts

An original short story by the author of *Among the Ten Thousand Things.*

This Is How You Lose It

An original short story by Alexandria Brown.

The Transformation of Babeo Baggins

The nonbinary rapper turned country singer says their destination is just another journey.

I’m Over the Milestone 40th-Birthday Trip

There’s something about the expectations we’re pinning on these celebratory trips that feels obnoxious — or even masochistic.

Separate Bed(ding)

Having separate bedding from my husband on our shared bed meant we could be there for each other without our individual needs stripping the other bare.

Me, Myself, and Jada

How mimicking Jada Pinkett Smith’s style helped me come into my own.