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Mamá Susa’s Soul

After my grandmother died, I searched for her in Dominican ghost stories.

“Misery Business” Couldn’t Set Me Free (So I Did It Myself)

Paramore announced that they’re retiring the song from their live shows, it felt like a lost opportunity.

Ready, Set, Mask

I’m convinced Beyoncé wrote “Flawless” after discovering the magic of Biologique Recherche’s P50. Which is why I’ve taken to weekly facials.

Everyone But Two

My grandparents visited almost every state in the country at a time when few other African Americans took the risk of traveling.

Read an Excerpt from *Enchantments*

How I ended up working at Enchantments, New York City’s oldest witchcraft store.

October Horoscopes Are Here

Your existential guide to the month ahead.

In the Running: Deb Haaland

In this series, we interview female candidates who are winning historic primaries across the nation. This week, Deb Haaland talks about her run for Congress in New Mexico. If she wins, she could be one of the first Native American congresswomen in US history. To read Meena’s interview with Vangie Williams, click [here](

Going Deaf by Art

I have a rare disorder that turns my reactions to everyday sounds — chewing, typing, nails tapping — into disproportionate emotional events.

Something Borrowed

Seven women on why borrowing and lending beloved possessions can be some of the most intimate acts in a friendship.

Emily Haines on Metric’s Longevity 

The band just released its seventh studio album, *Art of Doubt*, last week.

The Dog Food Person

A comic by Liana Finck.

Why Does Cell Reception Cut Out at Protests?

Poor cell-phone service in large crowds is a gripe unique to the last decade, but it’s one that is becoming ever more urgent as an increasingly galvanized American public takes to the streets.

How the Affordable Care Act Saved My Daughter’s Life

If we hadn’t had the all-important safety net of the ACA, my daughter would simply be another overdose statistic.

The Many Lives of Leopard Print

Chic or tacky, luxurious or cheap, banal or bold, it has proved to be a true contronym in the vocabulary of fashion.

In the Running: Vangie Williams

In this series, we interview female candidates who are winning historic primaries across the nation. This week, Vangie Williams talks about her run for Congress in Virginia. If she wins, she’ll be the first black woman to hold the seat. To read Meena’s interview with Paulette Jordan, click [here](

The Never-Ending Girls Trip

How almost two decades of travel built my relationship with my best friend.

It’s OK, CHVRCHES Doesn’t Actually Believe Love Is Dead

Frontwoman Lauren Mayberry on learning to think outside the societal box.

Resurrecting Leonora Carrington’s World

A pilgrimage to discover the inner workings of the last living Surrealist.

Hijab in the Trump Era

On the complicated decision to wear — and remove — the headscarf.

Every Time There Is an Awkward Silence, a Queer Child Is Born

What it’s like working in childcare while trans.